Where does your CMS end and your Portal begin?

  • 28-Aug-2006

Simple question, with not-so-simple answers. Janus and I offered some advice in a recent EDoc Magazine article.

As a practical matter, for the business user in most enterprises, working with both CMS and portal software typically means working with two very different interfaces. In our experience, integration can be quite difficult and, therefore, few enterprises succeed at more than very high-level linkages between the two systems. You can draw a clear line, as some have tried, by saying that the CMS is responsible for managing content and the portal for information delivery. This leaves an important grey zone for managers: Where do we place navigation, site structure, and content preview? Which search engine will we use? Where will we integrate diverse content sources? And so on...

There's no single way to pull this off, but hopefully our summary of your choices will help you decide.


Our customers say...

"For any digital agency, helping your client choose the right CMS is risky -- get it right and you're the hero, get it wrong and you compromise your entire interactive strategy. Real Story Group's WCM evaluations strengthen our understanding of the true weaknesses and strengths of all the major CMS platforms, enabling us to make expert-validated recommendations to our clients with confidence."

Bill Barbot, Founder, Threespot

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