Most commercial portal vendors behind new portlet standard

  • 11-Aug-2006

The new Portlet Specification 2.0, aka JSR 286 was just released as first public draft. The standard is currently supported by major portal vendors BEA, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Sun and Vignette. The main goal of this new version is to align the Java Portlet Specification with J2EE 1.4 and other JSRs relevant for portlet programming, and enhance caching support. The current specification, JSR 168, has been very important for portal developers. Unlike the CMS marketplace, the portal marketplace has benefited from some important standards, even if some vendors have developed proprietary "extensions." For buyers this one means that portlets developed to the spec work in all the portal products that support the standard, potentially reducing implementation time and making it easier to migrate between products. Portlet specs also enable you to potentially use re-use code across multiple different portal product installations -- a common scenario in large enterprises.

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