Previewing the next release of IBM WebSphere Portal

  • 5-Apr-2006

Earlier this week IBM shared some high-level details about the upcoming version 6 of the IBM WebSphere Portal Server, due out this summer. It should be of little surprise to Enterprise Portals Report readers that usability improvements are ahead, including native integration with Microsoft Office and better search features. However, according to UK-based Computer Business Review "IBM is not looking at adding AJAX capabilities to add Web 2.0-like local dynamic capabilities...because AJAX tooling and best practices remain immature." This is news for several other portal and CMS vendors who have successfully integrated AJAX-based interfaces. Across the industry many portal users are waiting on major upgrades. So far Microsoft has been quite open about forthcoming SharePoint changes, while IBM has been a bit more circumspect.

Our customers say...

"For any digital agency, helping your client choose the right CMS is risky -- get it right and you're the hero, get it wrong and you compromise your entire interactive strategy. Real Story Group's WCM evaluations strengthen our understanding of the true weaknesses and strengths of all the major CMS platforms, enabling us to make expert-validated recommendations to our clients with confidence."

Bill Barbot, Founder, Threespot

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