Stellent announces Blog, Wiki, RSS modules

  • 15-Feb-2006

CMS vendor Stellent has announced the development of blog, wiki, and RSS modules. The move makes sense; I've long advocated that RSS can form the basis for simple enterprise integration, and that blogs and wikis are just another CMS content type, albeit loaded with special cultural and user-experience norms and expectations. Regarding expectations, Stellent wisely bowed to convention by allowing wikipedia-style wiki tags as well as regular HTML mark-up. I'm not surprised that Stellent was first to roll out this sort of functionality among all the major ECM suite players (many smaller CMS vendors have been promoting these capabilities for some time). I would have more reassurance that Stellent actually "gets it" if some of their employees were openly blogging (like those at IBM, Sun, and Microsoft), or if Stellent hosted documentation wikis like many open-source projects support. But that's grist for a forthcoming article...

Our customers say...

"The Real Story Group put their trademark stamp of insight, depth of understanding, candor and overall industry smarts in The Digital & Media Asset Management Research. For anyone working to develop an understanding of what digital asset management is, or what lessons can be distilled from dozens of first- and second-generation implementations, or read a perceptive, engaging recap of the vendor landscape, this is an outstanding resource. With a level of readability that makes accessible, at-your-fingertips, and ready-to-use content, this research is a long-awaited contribution to the field of digital asset management."

David Lipsey, Klaris IP

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