Migrating from Vignette

  • 5-Jan-2006

Longtime readers know that an "upgrade" from Vignette's V6 to V7 CMS is really a complete product swap that has tempted many licensees to consider alternate packages. UK content migration software vendor Vamosa has developed a "Vignette V5 and V6 Migration Roadmap." 

The white paper is tad too critical of Vignette and unduly promotes an alternative from Vamosa's close partner, IBM (which CMS Report readers know is a bit behind on the WCM front). Nevertheless, the paper offers some good general advice on migration, including the need to look beyond the act of transferring live pages. Vamosa points out that CMS migration also means moving and likely transforming: previous document versions, metadata, binary assets, and templates -- which are especially tricky when business and display logic get co-mingled. And often the best way to get at all that stuff is through your existing CM tool's API.

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