Tridion scrounging for dirt

  • 23-Nov-2005

In a CMS marketplace with 1800 vendors, you shouldn't be surprised when one casts aspersions on another. Still, this message from a Tridion marketing guy to an Apache-Cocoon developer asking the latter for any FUD about Plone (nominally a competitor to Cocoon) is illuminating. [Via Paul Everitt.] To be sure, I can't vouch for the message's authenticity, and I second the commentator who noted that open-source adherents frequently disparage competitors as well. Still, always best to heed to your mother's advice about people who don't have good things to say...

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"As I closely follow these projects around the world, near the top of the list about why are the successful - over and over again - is working the Real Story Group and their deeply researched, objective analysis. I see directly and repeatedly how their guidance changes the odds to success and adoption."

David Lipsey, Klaris IP

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