Stellent the Toolmaker

  • 17-Dec-2001

What do portal and enterprise CM vendors Open Text, FileNet, Hummingbird, Quark, iPlanet, SAP Portal, and IBM have in common? They all use Stellent's "Outside In" content viewing and conversion tools to convert 225 different desktop file formats to XML and (mostly) HTML. Perhaps one of the reasons why Stellent remains profitable amid a sea of CM red ink is that it does more than just mine gold -- it sells picks and shovels, too...
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"The Digital Asset Management Research is a straightforward, comprehensive report that's invaluable to anyone considering or implementing digital asset management. With a no-nonsense approach to evaluating the major vendors and best practices, this report is a true handbook. It's my new bedside reading..."

Faith Robinson, Content Strategist & Industry Thought Leader

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