Kapow: boys with toys for content integration

  • 30-Sep-2005

Kapow Technologies (headquartered in Denmark, but with a big USA presence) today announced version 6.0 of their RoboSuite integration product. Their tool enables "web clipping" using robots that are programmed visually. This has a few interesting use cases for the Web CMS world:

  • Enabling automatic content migration from one CMS to another. Kapow and its competitors argue that automatic migration of as much as 80% of content saves precious project time.
  • Pushing content from a CMS to a portal. Working with both BEA Portal and IBM WebSphere Portal, RoboSuite can push content from various web-based repositories to the portal.

Kapow is VC-funded and while performing better, still has not been profitable. Many IT departments do not consider web-based integration to be “real integration” and Kapow's aggressive marketing lingo somehow doesn't make them look any more serious. Nevertheless, a few CMS vendors, including CoreMedia and FatWire can embed Kapow for content integration and migration.


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