Finding the Lost Perl

  • 29-Nov-2001

The Perl scripting language has fantastic text-manipulation tools, broad support, and now an object-based orientation, so the apparent dearth of Perl-based CM packages has sometimes become a source of jokes in the community. Lines like "last thing a Perl hacker wants to do is build a tool for end-users to manage websites." Well, look closely under the covers at Interwoven and eGrail (i.e. bypass their whitepapers singing about J2EE) and what do you see? Back ends written wholly in Perl. Of course, CMS Watch Report readers know eGrail and Interwoven don't need to use Perl at run-time (where it is slow), just to pregenerate static pages for production webservers to dish up...
Visit eGrail or Interwoven.