Mediasurface acquires a second CMS

  • 8-Apr-2005

UK-based Mediasurface has purchased Silverbullet, a small CMS vendor in Holland that offers a hosted solution for small businesses. The company says, "There is no conflict of interest between our Morello product and Silverbullet." We say Mediasurface might have had a hole in their pocket after going public last year. The history of these sorts acquisitions is not promising (c.f. divine); the technologies and sales models don't overlap, and customers get annoyed when there isn't an easy upgrade path after all. But the CMS market remains young, and so we will keep an open mind...

Our customers say...

"The analysis of the current technology vendors and products is very comprehensive and it provides an excellent guide for potential purchasers to frame their functional, architectural and usability benchmarks."

Len Asprey, Director, Practical Information Management Solutions, and, Author, Integrative Document and Content Management

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