[Webinar] Billionaire Behemoths: Acquia, Sitecore, WordPress and a Changing WCM Marketplace

  • 17-Oct-2019

Recent acquisitions and investments have valued somne major Web Content and Digital Experience (WCM) vendors north of $1B....into “unicorn” territory.  What does this mean for the WCM market as a whole and more importantly, what does it mean for you the enterprise customer?

Join Tony Byrne as he presents a closer look at what’s happening in the Web CMS marketplace.

[Recorded Webinar] Billionaire Behemoths

You can access the recording of this webinar here.


Our customers say...

"There is really no comparison between the level of detail and insight I find in the Real Story Group publications and other resources. Why is The Web CMS Research so good? First, Real Story Group avoids fads and takes a very measured, grounded analysis of changes going on in the web marketplace. Second, Real Story Group evaluates solutions holistically, looking at more than the software itself and considering the vendor's business viability. Third, Real Story Group can't be beat for having a conceptual grasp of what is really important in these products, and how they actually get deployed, from small implementations to enterprise scale. It's this thorough, totally grounded perspective that makes Real Story Group research an indispensable tool in my business."

John Berndt, President and CEO, The Berndt Group, Ltd.

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