Evaluating Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

  • 14-May-2019

Microsoft has had a somewhat checkered history with MarTech. After bailing on WCM and DAM solutions, and then partnering with Adobe, the vendor's plucky Dynamics CRM solution has soldiered on, won growing marketshare, and seems to be transitioning effectively to the cloud. (RSG evaluates Dynamics in our CRM research stream.)

What didn't transition effectively to the cloud was the original Dynamics Marketing platform.  Microsoft unceremoniously dropped it...and then replaced it, with a cloud-native solution.  As you can imagine, this was rather disruptive to both customers and channel partners alike.  Remember: big vendors often bring the greatest stability risks.

In any case, the new platform has seen enough customer experience that we could now add it to RSG's roster of Marketing Automation and Campaign Execution vendor evaluations.  (Special thanks to contributing analyst Shawn Shell for overseeing this research.). What can we generalize about the Dynamics solution? Well, its still kind of new...

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