[Webinar] Relief for the Harried Stack Owner

  • 12-Apr-2019

If you manage a marketing or digital experience technology stack, then you live in…uh...“exciting” times.  Much is changing, both among your incumbent platforms as well as with all the new toolsets coming online.  You need to respond to a growing set of inquiries and demands from your colleagues, but also stay abreast of industry trends and adopt new platforms as part of a broader strategic roadmap.  

You have some harried days.

RSG can help. In this fast-paced session, RSG managing director Jarrod Gingras will explain how a combination of critical research, practical advice, custom answers, and peer support will make you more successful as you take your enterprise to the omnichannel future.

Join Jarrod as he explores the right way to select technology.

MarTech Stack

To get the most out of this open briefing, I'll invite you to:

1. Register here

2. Between now and April 23rd, send any related questions you'd like to address, to me at tbyrne@realstorygroup.com

3. Ask questions during the session itself

See you then!  

Our customers say...

"I was really excited to preview RSG's Digital Marketing Technology evaluations. It's great to have a resource that explains what vendors really do, rather than what they say they do."

Gino Bona, Digital Marketing Consultant

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