Updated WCM Marketplace Categories

  • 25-Feb-2019

After updating several major vendor evaluations, we tweaked RSG's Web Content & Experience Management (WCM) marketplace categorization. You can find detailed evaluations of all these solutions in our WCM research stream.

RSG's categorization of the WCM marketplace (click to enlarge).

With these sorts of two-dimensional renderings over the past decade, we've used overall platform complexity as the key classifier.  You can roughly associate complexity with cost and richness.  For a more nuanced dive into this market, check out RSG's RealQuadrant decision tool

In a webinar that took place on March 6th (recoding here), Tony reviews the major trends we see this year, and some of the vendors we're adding to the mix. However, the biggest trend remains the same: WCM tools are getting more complicated as digital teams get more savvy. For any of the tools to the left of the "simpler" category, you'll want to have at least one in-house developer and a budget for potentially ongoing external assistance.

If your organization is an RSG "Plus" subscriber seeking a deeper dive on these trends or a private delivery of the webinar, you can schedule online here, or contact your account rep.

Alternatively, you can start a discussion on LinkedIn...I'll be happy to chime in there.


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David Lipsey, Klaris IP

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