Navigating the DAM Divide

  • 26-Jun-2019

Over the past few years RSG has seen an emerging divide between Digital Asset Management vendors who can handle complex business and marketing scenarios and those oriented towards simpler use cases.

In our logo landscape, we showcase technical trends we’re seeing on a complexity spectrum.

RSG Logo Landscape

Here’s a simple breakdown of the four tiers on this spectrum:

Complex - built to integrate into larger stacks, with strong object-orientation and flexible information modelsHowever these vendors are also — for better or worse — increasingly building out services beyond DAM: PIM, Campaign Management, MRM, Web2Print, Copy Management, Creative Workflow, Collaboration, Brand Portals, and so on.  Do you really want all that?

Legacy Complex - these remain in place in many enterprises, and have decent brand reputation. However, these older vendors have tended to prove less innovative, and can bring risky technical debt.

Now here's the divide...

Mid-Range - these vendors will typically supply all the canonical DAM services, but do not offer the depth of features or integration flexibility that you'll find at the tier above. At the same time, with the exception of Adobe they will offer lower costs structures when deployed against the specific use cases that they were built to serve.

Simpler - these vendors are mostly focused on providing basic asset repository services. You'll find many similarities among them, but they are trying to differentiate themselves by focusing on lower cost, simpler user experiences, and specialized industry solutions.

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Our customers say...

"I was thrilled at the level of detail and the depth of honesty in The Digital Asset Management Research. Other research tends to want to rate a company for gold stars or magic numbers, but glosses over the real workings and customer experiences of the given vendor. This research is more valuable, and certainly more tangible than what other analysts have put forth."

Faith Robinson, Content Strategist & Industry Thought Leader

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