Is Your CRM Vendor Holding You Back?

  • 31-Aug-2017

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology is foundational to digital engagement and experience management.  It also underpins salesforce automation, customer service / support, field force operations, and other important customer-facing activity.  So you have to get this right.  And that starts with the right vendor.

So I'm pleased to announce that RSG's CRM vendor evaluations are now live.

RSG now evaluates eight CRM vendors.

Differentiating Among CRM Vendors

You can find quite a lot of differences among CRM vendors.  Some of the filters we use in Real Quadrant include:

  • Orientation to cloud
  • Architectural models
  • Geographic reach
  • Enterprise size
  • And more

Our current subscribers will know that we put even more emphasis on usage "scenarios" as a differentiator: what are you going to do with the platform.

We also evaluate "strategic consideration" around the vendor and its ecosystem.  Some have comparatively higher technical debt.  Some have wider collections of channel partners.

Getting Held Back?

All this leads to a lot of potential for mis-match against your specific needs. Many enterprise digital teams "inherit" a CRM that worked well some years ago, but is hampering the entire MarTech stack today.

Perhaps you underestimated the difficulty of orchestrating diverse add-on modules in Salesforce and should have gone with a more unified platform.  Or perhaps your team overweighted a CRM vendor's vertical "solution" and had to forgo some all-important metrics abilities in return. We've seen all this and more.

If you don't have the right CRM platform, now is a good time to reconsider.  Download a complimentary sample vendor evaluation, and see for yourself.


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