2017 Campaign and Lead Management Marketplace Analysis

  • 28-Feb-2017

RSG has just released our latest annual Campaign & Lead Management Marketplace Analysis. In this briefing — available exclusively to research subscribers — you will find a comparative analysis of the relative risks and opportunities associated with each vendor via RSG's "Reality Check" chart.

RSG Reality Check for Campaign and Lead Management
RSG Reality Check for CLM Products (click to enlarge)

Key Findings

  • The overall marketing technology landscape continues to be crowded, but early signs of consolidation are becoming apparent in campaign and lead management.
  • However, this segment is not as mature as longstanding enterprise software segments such as ERP or CRM are — far from it.
  • In fact, marketers still must sort through a wide variety of tools and technology to determine the best-fit products for them.
  • If anything, a small winnowing of the vendor landscape brings little clarity, but it increases the risk of poor technology selection choices such as vendor lock-in.

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Our customers say...

"I was really excited to preview RSG's Digital Marketing Technology evaluations. It's great to have a resource that explains what vendors really do, rather than what they say they do."

Gino Bona, Digital Marketing Consultant

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