2017 Enterprise Portals Marketplace Analysis

  • 10-Feb-2017

RSG has just released our 2017 Enterprise Portals Market Analysis. In this briefing, subscribers will find a comparative analysis of the relative risks and opportunities associated with each Portal vendor via RSG's "Reality Check" chart. Overall, the enterprise portal marketplace is gradually shrinking, with fewer general-purpose offerings than five years ago, although some key use cases persist and competition remains intense.

Enterprise Portals Reality Check for 2017
RSG 2017 Reality Check for Portals

RSG's briefing explains this chart and offers snapshots on key trends:

  • (Re-) Emergence of Vertical Portals
  • Impact of “Low-/No-Code” Development Platforms
  • Top Horizontal Portal Competitors
  • Reality-check on Portal Tools as Digital Experience Platforms
  • And more...

Subscribers can log in to download the briefing right away.

Not sure if your employer already subscribes? You can check with your internal research team, or feel free to query our customer success team for a quick answer.


Our customers say...

"Portals are where 'synergy' stops being a buzz word and becomes a tangible business benefit. If you're considering portal software, you can't afford to miss this comprehensive market review. And if you've already started a project, the common-sense advice contained in this outstanding research could save you thousands of dollars -- and hours."

Eric L. Reiss, Author of "Practical Information Architecture"

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