2017 Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Logo Landscape

  • 4-Jan-2017

As the first in our 2017 updates to RSG's Logo Landscape Series, here's the Enterprise Collaboration & Social Software marketplace.

It shows how the 23 Enterprise Collaboration & Social Software options that RSG evaluates in our Enterprise Collaboration & Social Software Report fall into five groupings:

- Platform Vendors

- Major Suites

- Smaller Suites

- Specialist Players

- Social Enterprise Layers and SharePoint Supplements

Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Logo Landscape

You can download a copy here.

Of course, these categories are merely a starting point for customers investigating the market. This is a two-dimensional analysis that tries to group similar competitors, but you'll almost surely want to look across segments to create an overall architecture of participation. 

In fact, I recommend considering a variety of criteria — like we specify in RSG's Real Quadrant tool — to get you to to a good starting point to conduct further diligence and testing before you ultimately make a buying decision.

If we can help you here, please let us know.

Our customers say...

"RSG's The Collaboration & ESN Software Research is the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of this rapidly developing marketplace available. Of particular value are the vendor profiles and the authors' depth of knowledge and understanding."

Dr. Martin De Saulles, Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton, UK

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