New and Updated ECM Evaluations

  • 8-Dec-2016

We have just released version 10.0 of our ECM and Cloud File Sharing evaluations, evaluating 16 vendors. As part of a major overhaul of our ECM stream, all of the vendors have been updated, reflecting important changes over the past year. Here are highlights of what’s new in our research.

New and Enhanced Format

As with all of our research streams, we've rolled out a completely new format for vendor evaluations. While we still use scenarios and functional / technical services as the key criteria, the way they are presented is much more concise and “to the point.” For each of the findings, we analyze what it means for you in terms of usage or implementation.

Our customers tell us that the new format is more consumable — particularly via our decision tools.

Figure 1. Table from our new evaluations, with findings and their impact.

Strategic Considerations

We have always believed that the vendor and ecosystem are as important as the product itself. When you undertake a large and complex implementation, you are buying into a combination of the product, vendor, and ecosystem. So in addition to functional capabilities, we significantly delve into "strategic considerations" to help you gain a more holistic understanding, which is critical for your procurement decisions. 

We also assess these dimensions:

  • Vendor: Strategy, Stability and Viability, Customer Support, and Professional Services
  • Product: Technical Modernity, Roadmap, and Value for Money
  • Ecosystem: Channel Professional Services, Community Strengths, and Third-Party Add-Ons

Sharper Focus

We have improved the research focus in several areas.

In particular, we have added a new functional element called “Business Applications.” Beyond generic document management scenarios, customers want to leverage ECM platforms for specific business applications, so we evaluate vendors on how well they perform in those use cases.

Subscribers have immediate access to the new research. Others can download a sample evaluation, and get in touch with us to subscribe.

Our customers say...

"I was really excited to preview RSG's Digital Marketing Technology evaluations. It's great to have a resource that explains what vendors really do, rather than what they say they do."

Gino Bona, Digital Marketing Consultant

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