Major update to Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Evaluations

  • 7-Nov-2016

We've just released version 6.0 of our Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software research, evaluating 23 vendors

There are many interesting themes and findings from this major update that we'll write about in the coming days. Here, I'd like to highlight two major changes in the research:

  1. Enhanced evaluations format
  2. Expanded scope of strategic considerations

More Impact-Oriented

We overhauled our vendor evaluations format in this release. The evaluations, as before, take an in-depth look at the products, but also answer the all-important "so-what?" for the enterprise buyer. We don't just report the "findings," but also analyze what a particular feature/approach/architecture choice means for you in terms of usage or implementation as may be appropriate. 

Strategic Considerations

When you decide to go with a particular technology, you don't pick the product alone. You are actually saying yes to the combination of product, vendor, and ecosystem. So we have significantly increased the coverage of "strategic considerations" to help you go beyond the technology to a more holistic understanding required for your procurement decisions. 

Here is what we assess across these dimensions:

  • Vendor: Strategy, Stability and Viability, Customer Support and Professional Services
  • Product: Technical Modernity, Roadmap and Value for Money
  • Ecosystem: Channel Professional Services, Community Strengths and Third-party Add-ons


Strategic Considerations for selecting Enterprise Collaboration Software

Figure: Strategic Considerations related to product, vendor, and ecosystem that have a bearing on your technology choices. Source: RSG. 

Subscribers have immediate access to the new research. Others can download a sample evaluation, and get in touch with us to subscribe.


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