For Enterprise Social, Is Adoption Everything?

  • 3-Nov-2016

In our recent Town Hall debate, ESN guru Dion Hinchcliffe and I took opposite views on the importance of user adoption in enterprise social-collaboration.

"Adoption" has always been one of my least favorite metrics. Dion made the important point that if your goal is to create a more collaborative enterprise ethic, then adoption becomes an important metric.

Here's the short exchange.

Want to see the entire debate? You can access the full video at any time.


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"Setting aside the hype and buzzwords of social media technology, RSG offers a clear, objective and comprehensive review of software products and vendors with a specific focus on their applicability to the enterprise. Before embarking on a collaboration or social media project, this research should be any company's first investment."

Heidi Strom Moon, Director of Marketing, CDG Interactive

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