[On-Demand] View the Town Hall Debate on Enterprise Social Collaboration

  • 16-Sep-2016

There's plenty of enthusiasm around enterprise social-collaboration. However, underneath the many case studies also lies confusion and sometimes consternation about ongoing challenges and missed expectations. Digital workplace leaders are seeking best practices and answers to some very practical questions.

To try to answer some of those questions, Dion Hinchcliffe and I held a spirited, 1-hour debate earlier this week, and you can access the full recording.

Cage Fight

Among the topics we tackled:

  • Is email bad or good?
  • Should you hire a CDO?
  • Should you kill your enterprise social network?
  • Is employee adoption everything?
  • Have we reached the era of "Peak SharePoint?"
  • What's more important: community management or community technology?
  • Is ROI the best measure of business success?
  • Is Slack enterprise-ready?
  • Is C-level participation essential to social-collaboration success?
  • Should you have one collaboration application to rule them all?

Plus some great questions posed by a spunky audience.  Enjoy...

Watch this recording now.

Our customers say...

"RSG's The Collaboration & ESN Research is by far the most exhaustive and comprehensive attempt to understand and evaluate the landscape of enterprise social-collaboration software I've ever seen."

John Eckman, CEO, 10Up

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