Major Update to WCM Vendor Evaluations

  • 11-Aug-2016

I'm excited to announce a major overhaul to our Web Content & Experience Management (WCM) vendor evaluation research — Version 23 if you're counting at home.

The new version includes updates to nearly all the vendors, with some intriguing findings we'll summarize in future posts.

Today I'll highlight changes to RSG's evaluation criteria, based on what you the enterprise customer has indicated will become increasingly important going forward.

Updated Scenario Criteria

For starters, we simplified and modernized our "Scenario Fit" criteria. Scenarios have served as RSG's primary means of evaluating vendors for more than a decade now.

In Version 23 you'll find a greater emphasis on mobile and omni-channel use-cases, along with a new model scenario around injecting content and experiences into disparate front-end applications (what some architects call "headless" mode).

New Scenario Evaluations
Fig 1. RSG Scenario ratings for OpenText TeamSite (formerly HP-Autonomy)

Expanded Strategic Considerations

We know that sometimes the vendor and its ecosystem can prove more germane to your long-term success than feature and technology fit. To help you see the bigger picture, we've substantially expanded our coverage of intangible considerations, like tech support and total cost of ownership.

New Strategic Considerations
Fig 2. RSG Strategic Considerations assessment for OpenText TeamSite

New Feature Ratings

Of course, features still matter. We've added or modified some key feature ratings, including:

  • DevOps: How can distributed teams of developers, administrators, designers, communicators, and marketers collaborate to push functional changes into production? Many WCM tools really lag here, by the way...
  • Cloud Services: How does the vendor address hybrid, public, and private, as well as your options for managed cloud services in different environments?
  • Page Management: How can marketers break out of strict template limitations to specially curate individual pages?
  • Structured Data: How easily can you invoke Google-friendly microformats?

Create Your Own Shortlist

To summarize, we try to reflect emerging implementation patterns in our evaluation research. But every enterprise is unique, so we also give you the tools to identify and weight the importance of these criteria. Check out RealQuadrant, RSG's visual shortlist builder.

If you are an enterprise technology buyer looking for no-hold-barred advice on WCM and other digital technologies, I invite you to start a conversation with us about how your team can make the best possible decisions going forward.


Our customers say...

"Choosing a digital asset management solution was a daunting undertaking that was alleviated by our subscription with Real Story Group. RSG's research and advice benefited us greatly and insured that we made the correct decision. Not only did we save time and effort but we avoided wasting money on a digital asset management system that didn't fit our needs!"

Nathan Badge , Senior Digital Asset Management Specialist The Hettema Group

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