Benchmarking with excel and paper? There's a better way...

  • 10-May-2016

We all want to figure out the best way to execute on digital transformation, but ironically, when it comes to benchmarking, the industry tends to rely on excel sheets or even paper to display and share results.

For example, in the past RSG has often used model-based approaches with our subscribers. The outcome was most often something like this:

Paper based analysis

This approach has problems

This is a great way to snapshot your current state and where you need to go. But this approach isn't really scalable. For example:

  • You can’t be doing this on paper every quarter
  • There is no way to compare results from your own past results
  • You cannot collate results from your colleagues
  • You can’t benchmark against your industry or otherwise

There's Now an App for That

We decided to create an application that allows you to benchmark your digital efforts more effectively. We call it the RealScore Effectiveness Model.

RealScore Results

RealScore Effectiveness Models build upon traditional maturity models but then extend them much further. The app takes you through a series of structured inquiries to deliver a ranking across several metrics and dimensions.

In addition to the ability to rate yourself, the results dashboard is even more useful. You can for example:

  • Check and update your results anytime
  • Compare with past results
  • Benchmark within your own industry
  • Benchmark cross-industry

And yes, you can output the results to Excel, but in these days where you have to assemble a team effort within your enterprise, you can also output a complete PPT deck of the result to socialize with your colleagues.

If you haven’t tried RealScore yet, give it a shot. You can get a score even if you're not an RSG subscriber.

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