Innovations in WCM Technology: What's Next? - May 4

  • 27-Apr-2016

With the rise of "Marketing Technology" as a broad need for the enterprise, business and technology leaders are naturally asking about the future role of web content & experience management systems — a market segment now more than two decades old.

Join me next week for a rapid-fire answer.

For now, here's a hint: customers can expect — and should demand — ample innovation in WCM technology in the coming years. The benefits of cloud, mobile, personalization, and other key trends have only begun to reveal themselves. WCM technology is evolving in response, although vendors are moving in different directions. 

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Webinar Details:

Webinar: Innovations in WCM Technology: What's Next?

Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Time: 12:00-12:30 PM EST (16:00-16:30 UTC/GMT)

I look forward to seeing you then.

Our customers say...

"Your CMS Report was helpful indeed, both in giving an overview of the market, but also as a means to increase our professional level in dealing with the selection and purchase process. This goes for me personally as well, as it helped me structure the process, ask the right questions, and focus on the important issues. We had a successful project!"

Anders Conrad, Senior Consultant, The Royal Library, Copenhagen

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