New Portal Evaluations include Liferay, IBM WebSphere, Oracle, SharePoint and others

  • 6-Apr-2016

I'm excited to announce that RSG has just released an update to our Enterprise Portals vendor evaluations.

This is a comprehensive overhaul to the report, not just in terms of content but also in structure and evaluation criteria. We'll blog about the new format separately, but the idea is to present to you the most differentiating attributes of these vendors in a way that is easy to consume, without compromising on our hard-hitting reviews.

The new Version 11.0 includes updated evaluations of eight vendors in two categories:

  • Infrastructure Vendors, include IBM WebSphere, Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle WebCenter, and SAP NetWeaver
  • Specialised Vendors, include Backbase, Liferay, OpenText, and Plone

For each of these evaluations, we have strengthened our coverage across all criteria — Strategic Considerations, Use Case fit, Portal Services, and Technology.

The Portals marketplace is less fragmented than the others we cover. A few years back, a new breed of mashup vendors started emerging but most of them have since faded away. As a result, we've dropped coverage of those mashup vendors to keep the evaluations focused and relevant.

If you are a subscriber, you can download your copy right away. You can send your feedback to me via email or Twitter.  If you're not yet a subscriber, you can download a complimentary sample now.

As a reminder, you can use the RealScore Portal Effectiveness Model and other tools in conjunction with our evaluations for your projects.

Our customers say...

"Organisations looking to implement an enterprise portal face a steep learning curve, and the Enterprise Portals Research can help to reduce this pain. Highly recommended."

James Robertson, Managing Director, Step Two Designs

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