2016 Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Logo Landscape

  • 31-Mar-2016

Next up in our Logo Landscape Series is the 2016 Enterprise Collaboration & Social Software marketplace. It shows how the 27 Enterprise Collaboration & Social Software options that RSG evaluates in our Enterprise Collaboration & Social Software Report fall into 5 groupings:

- Platform Vendors

- Major Suites

- Smaller Suites

- Specialist Players

- Social Enterprise Layers

Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Logo Landscape

 You can download a copy here.

Of course, these categories are merely a starting point for customers investigating the market. This is a two-dimensional analysis that tries to group similar competitors, but you'll almost surely want to look across segments to create an overall architecture of participation. 

In fact, I recommend considering a variety of criteria -- like we specify in our Custom Short-List Builder -- to get you to to a good starting point to conduct further diligence and testing before you ultimately make a buying decision.

If we can help you here, please let us know.

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