Latest insights on key open source WCM vendors

  • 8-Feb-2016

Our latest update to RSG's Web Content & Experience Management evaluation research includes updates to some key open source projects, including Drupal, Enonic, and Plone.

Let's take a quick look at each.


Drupal customers now can finally deploy the new Version 8, but interestingly, most experienced Drupal implementers we know are not recommending it (yet) to their customers.  Expect a long burn-in period.  Our latest evaluation still focuses on the dominant Version 7 trunk, but outlines where Version 8 does things differently.


It's very rare to see a Web CMS re-built from the ground up, but that's what Enonic has done.  They've smartly focused on the basics, but past experience suggests that this kind of overhaul is a multi-year journey for both the vendor and you the customer...


Plone continues to maintain a broad, loyal customer base, though we wonder sometimes if it reflects affection for Python (the underlying language) rather than the functionality of the platform itself.  Still, Plone does some things very well and the latest version (5.0) represents some good modernization.

If you're a subscriber, you can download the individual chapters or the entire evaluation report immediately.

If you're not yet a subscriber, you can sample our hard-hitting evaluations via complimentary excerpt -- for WCM it's a review of HP TeamSite.


Our customers say...

"RSG's Web Content & Experience Management vendor evaluations deliver unmatched detail and candor about WCM technologies. It's an essential companion for anyone looking to invest in these tools."

Erik Hartman, Founder, Hartman Communicatie

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