Updated Enterprise Mobile Technology Evaluations

  • 21-Aug-2015

RSG has just released an update to the Enterprise Mobile Technology vendor evaluations.

The new release includes updates to detailed reviews of IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, FeedHenry/Red Hat, July, Motorola/Zebra, Verivo, Xamarin, and Kinvey.

Enterprise Mobile Technology is a rapidly evolving marketplace and it has seen a number of acquisitions. As a result, some vendor names have changed (e.g., FeedHenry) and more importantly, some of their strategies, too.

The wearables and IoT marketplace has also started to affect mobile decision making. Vendors have started providing support for these devices, although that support remains very nascent. RSG's research identifies specific capabilities where applicable.

Finally, you'll find updates for several existing evaluations based on customer and expert feedback.

As always, if you are a subscriber, you can log in and download your copy immediately. If you are not a subscriber, you can download a complimentary sample.

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