SharePoint for Digital Asset Management?

  • 6-Aug-2015

Finding a DAM to "play nicely" with SharePoint has been a stumbling block for many organizations, increasingly so as SharePoint has become commonplace within enterprise architectures. Equilibrium MediaRich is the only DAM that's built fully into the SharePoint stack, designed to work exclusively within a SharePoint environment and not as a standalone product.

This symbiotic relationship with SharePoint means that the MediaRich product roadmap develops in parallel with SharePoint's, and several new features and updates have rolled out over the course of this year to enhance the experience of MediaRich within SharePoint 2013. With Microsoft offering SharePoint in the cloud using Azure, it also follows that MediaRich is also now increasingly focused on Azure-based cloud deployment.

If you're looking to synchronize your DAM and SharePoint experiences, we evaluate many DAM systems' ability to integrate with the SP experience, in addition to MediaRich. For more information and a details on some of the newest features available in MediaRich, take a look at the Digital and Media Asset Management Evaluation Report.

Our customers say...

"Real Story Group offers exhaustive coverage of globally available Digital Asset Management Research products. I have seen their reports and have compared them with the ones by Gartner and Forrester. Real Story Group's report on DAM systems is the best in the world."

Punit Dhandhania, Content Architecture, Workflows, Systems & Strategies Consultant, Independent Consultant

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