New and updated DAM research: ResourceSpace, Brandworkz, Asset Bank, and Widen

  • 18-Nov-2014

We've just released a new version of RSG's Digital & Media Asset Management technology evaluation research, which includes three new DAM system evaluations as well as an update to our review of Widen's Media Collective.

Widen used to be one of the few leaders in SaaS-based DAM, but these days faces more formidable competition from the likes of Bynder, MerlinOne, NetXposure, Canto, and others. We weigh in on how the market for SaaS- and cloud-oriented DAM is evolving, and help you to compare how these tools measure up to each other.

ResourceSpace is an open source DAM (now one of four we evaluate), while Brandworkz and Bright Interactive's Asset Bank are two UK-based, brand-managment oriented vendors. For each, we rate their applicability to particular use cases, and lay out strengths and weaknesses in detail.

Subscribers can access their update here. If you'd like full access to our 50+ DAM vendor evaluations, contact us

Our customers say...

"The Real Story Group celebrates its 'vendor neutrality'. But it's not a neutrality that avoids taking positions. Far from it, their opinions are clearly stated, always well informed, and invariably fair."

Patricia Connelly, CEO at Henry Stewart Conferences and Events

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