A DAM paradox: everyone talks about metrics, but few have them

  • 6-Oct-2014

19th century British scientist Lord Kelvin famously said, “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.” Cut to today. Forget about big data analytics -- the question of simple measurement often baffles many Digital Asset Management practitioners.

RSG’s 2014 DAM survey remains ongoing, but some interim results suggest how many organizations are grappling with this issue. Only about a third of the respondents are using some sort of metrics to measure the success of their DAM projects. More than half of the respondents say that they don’t measure the success of their DAM projects at all.

Interim DAM Survey Results

Lord Kelvin also said, “to measure is to know.” The knowledge about your current state is going to prove vital in your efforts to enhance your organization’s success rate with DAM projects. That’s a topic that we will cover extensively in our upcoming “Measuring DAM Effectiveness” webinar.

If you have not already taken the DAM 2014 survey, you can still do so. More than a hundred organizations have already participated, and those who complete the survey receive a summary of the results -- findings that will help you understand how your own organization compares to  best-in-class organizations and peers. Here's the 15-minute survey.

Know any DAM practitioner peers whose organizations could also benefit from participating in the survey?  Please invite them.  Many thanks.

Our customers say...

"I was thrilled at the level of detail and the depth of honesty in The Digital Asset Management Research. Other research tends to want to rate a company for gold stars or magic numbers, but glosses over the real workings and customer experiences of the given vendor. This research is more valuable, and certainly more tangible than what other analysts have put forth."

Faith Robinson, Content Strategist & Industry Thought Leader

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