CatDV - New entrant to our MAM evaluations line-up

  • 27-Aug-2014

We recently released a major update to our Digital and Media Asset Management software research. This report includes evaluations of the leading vendors in the marketplace and places them into several tiers or categories, namely:

  • Enterprise Brand & Digital Asset Management
  • SMB & Workgroup DAM Platforms
  • SMB & Workgroup DAM Products
  • Niche & Regional Players
  • Broadcast Media Management

The Broadcast Media Management category consists of evaluations of MAM software from Avid, Cinegy, Dalet, GlobeCAST NETIA, Harris Broadcast, TMD, Vizrt. The latest version of our report also evaluates CatDV from UK vendor Square Box Systems.

CatDV is available in several editions and targets both "prosumers" and enterprises. When it comes to MAM systems (particularly at the enterprise level), there is a lot of complexity involved in implementing the software, integrating it with your existing technology infrastructure, and of course training the end-users. Unlike many other MAM products, CatDV is easy to deploy. But you trade-off some functionality found in larger MAM products for this simplicity.

In this evaluation of CatDV, we assess its suitability for enterprise use, the use cases it supports (and doesn't support), as well as intangibles like the smallish company's ability to provide customer support across different geographic regions. Our DMAM research subscribers can download the latest version of the report here.

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