This baby elephant was freed from CMS captivity, and you won't believe what happened next!

  • 1-Aug-2014

Meet Santi, a three year-old Asian forest elephant.

For the past eighteen months she'd been forced to labor in an outdated Web CMS. The rich text editor was buggy. The taxonomy didn't support hierarchies. The system slowed to a crawl when more than two elephants were working.

Worst of all, she was forced to translate content updates into three different languages, without recourse to any change-tracking features.

Her keepers had customized the system so heavily that it could never be upgraded.

Santi had no hope.

Then one day, a senior developer named Arthur organized a project to pick a new CMS. Here's what happened next...

Are you stuck in CMS captivity? Or are you a developer watching helplessly while your colleagues suffer?

There's a better way. Our WCM research and advisory services can help propel your digital team from captivity to cuddling.

Our customers say...

"The Web CMS Research allows me to save time and obtain a far better understanding of the market."

Leon Rudd, Head of eInitiatives, Siemens-UK

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