The latest on Adobe AEM and WordPress

  • 28-Jul-2014

The latest update to our Web Content & Experience Management Report features revamped evaluations of Adobe AEM "Sites" as well as WordPress.

If you subscribe to our WCM stream, you can download the new chapters immediately here. Meantime, here's a short synopsis.

With Version 6.0, Adobe continues its string of product name changes. Underneath, the latest version feels more like a dot-release -- albeit a welcome one. One area has seen a major change: the default editorial and marketing UI is now touchscreen-enabled. Actually, it's touchscreen dominant, and our analysis describes the attendant pros and cons for you.

WordPress continues its steady march through the WCM marketplace, extending its suitability for some basic use-cases. We describe how your hosting and support options have evolved, and what that means for enterprise use-cases that rely more heavily on 3rd-party or custom plug-ins.

Also with this update our subscribers will find a PowerPoint version of the report's executive summary, to better educate your peers and offer readily accessible context to your choices going forward.

If you do not yet subscribe to our WCM vendor evaluation stream, you can download a complimentary excerpt here.

Our customers say...

"As high-end web consultants, we use a variety of research tools to keep on top of the evolving technology platforms. Among these, Real Story Group is by far the best--a sort of bible for our CMS consulting practice. We've used The Web CMS Research both to get a jump on understanding products in advance of a formal CMS selection, as well as to start the conversation about potential partnerships. It's also great when a client asks you about an obscure product -- and you can get back to them within an hour with a grounded, thoughtful appraisal of the product, knowing that the information is accurate and written by analysts with real perspective."

John Berndt, President and CEO, The Berndt Group, Ltd.

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