What is the future of Intranets?

  • 30-Apr-2014

Nobody really knows for sure, but we're making some educated hypotheses around new digital workplace models.

In a wide-ranging interview. the good folks at the Intranätverk 2014 conference (Gothenburg, Sweden this May) asked about various topics, including the future of intranets. My reply...

I think that the term intranet is slowly going to go away. Not that the people or the skills are going to disappear, but I think that successful intranet teams will begin to reinvent themselves as fundamentally the employee advocates in the new digital workplace. And that's going to be less about building the intranet as a place and more about making sure that the digital workplace is doing what it's supposed to be doing. This could prove a difficult transition, but an essential one.

We've been advising some of our larger subscribers on what this new digital workplace might look like, and how to get there. If you'd like more info, just ping us.

Also, if you are nordically inclined, hope to see you in Sweden next month!

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