Join us for a webinar on Enterprise Mobility Centers of Excellence

  • 28-Apr-2014

Mark Zuckerberg says a big part of Facebook's strategy for 2014 and beyond is "unbundling" or creating a number of standalone apps for mobile. Instead of one big application that delivers all the social networking experience and services, there will be small and separate narrowly focused apps. What's behind this "unbundling" is how Facebook is trying to adapt itself to consumers' mobile usage and interaction patterns.

Can enterprises benefit from a similar approach? Thinking of your enterprise as a collection of consumer- and employee-facing apps lends a certain clarity of purpose and can establish the "what" and "why" of your enterprise mobility strategy. But then comes the even more challenging aspect of the "how" or the execution phase. 

You'll have to contend with an immature marketplace accompanied by a rapid pace of change and obsolescence, along with a very different model of software development that calls for expertise in short supply, and many other challenges.

Enterprises that have achieved a high level of maturity in their mobility initiatives often credit creating a mobility center of excellence. Join us for a webinar this Wednesday (Apr 30, 1200 noon EDT / 1600 GMT/UTC) to learn how you can also create an effective center of excellence. 

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