Mobilizing your Salesforce: EMC|Documentum, IBM FileNet, SharePoint, Box, or...?

  • 28-Mar-2014

Your enterprise salespeople are increasingly mobile. More than ever, they need access to collateral — brochures, presentations, contracts, pricing charts, and so forth — while on the move. How can you provide effective access to the latest documents for salespeople who aren’t tethered to your internal enterprise network?

It sounds like a simple question, yet from a functional standpoint, numerous key requirements emerge. And likewise you can chose from a panoply of technology options, ranging from traditional document management tools, to cloud-based file sharing and sync tools, to CRM and collaboration platforms.

Our just-released advisory paper, "Giving Your Salespeople Mobile Access to Key Documents: Strategic Options", evaluates four major strategic options for your enterprise to address the needs of salespeople (as well as other mobile employees.)

The paper also mention key tools for each of the options that we discuss. Our forthcoming update to the document management evaluations provides an in-depth review of all these vendors.

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