Major update to our Digital and Media Asset Management Research - Adobe, WAVE, Chuckwalla, and others

  • 26-Feb-2014

Today we release a major update to our Digital & Media Asset Management research, which now contains 36 in-depth reviews of major brand, image, and media management software products, as well as insights into the rights management, content delivery, and online video platform markets.

I'm pleased to say that at over 500 pages, it's by far the most comprehensive, hard-hitting research on digital & media asset management available today.

For this update, we've expanded our coverage of mid-market, SMB and workgroup DAM providers -- an area where many of our customers have taken more interest in the past year. With enterprise DAM & MAM system deals now averaging well over $500,000 in year one, there's increased interest in the less expensive, though often less scalable or feature-rich, options. Many of these are SaaS vendors with long histories in particular industry verticals, whose first-year deals average in the $90,000 - $175,000 range, implementation services included. If you don't have half a million to drop for an initial investment in DAM, or are looking at second-generation, simpler solutions, you'll want to explore our evaluations here.

We continue our scrutiny of the DAM industry's biggest players, which now includes Adobe's DAM in the same breath as the longtime "regulars:" North Plains, Open Text, MediaBeacon, and ADAM. These big players typically offer more than just core DAM services for managing completed assets, also including (for better or worse) a myriad of additional components for work-in-progress DAM, video management, campaign management, or even product information management. We look at all the pieces, so that you can assess if they're worth your investment.

We also make a distinction between the DAM players and the broadcast MAM market, looking in-depth at Harris Broadcast, Vizrt, Cinegy, Dalet, TMD, and others.  

If you're wondering which cocktail of technology is right for you, you can subscribe here - or just give us a call.

Our customers say...

"This research is an excellent review of the DAM technology marketplace. For anyone considering a DAM deployment or taking the next steps to build on an existing system, RSG's Digital Asset Management Research is an essential reference. Whatever your background or role in your particular project, you will find the information and answers that you are looking for."

John Gaylor, Head of Product Marketing, Gorkana Group

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