Join us for a two-part webinar on Web CMS 
for Marketing-Business and IT

  • 23-Oct-2013

You are in for a treat next week. My colleague Tony Byrne and I are hosting a special double-header set of webinars on all things Web CMS next week.

You probably know that Tony started RSG with the Web Content Management evaluation report; and since joining RSG, WCM has been my main research focus, as I've been leading this research stream. We'll be addressing the special interests of two different audiences, but you're welcome to attend both webinars.

I will do the first part focused on WCM for business and marketing folks, and after a short break Tony will address the technical audience. 

Here are the details, so you can register and mark your calendars on October 30, 2013:

Intro to Web CMS Technology for Marketing & Business Leaders - 12-12:30 PM ET

We'll take you through key concepts that marketers, designers, editors, and other business stakeholders need to know about web content & experience management technology. Find answers to important questions like: what benefits should we expect from modern WCM tools? What capabilities do we need to exploit them? How can we differentiate vendors based on our particular business needs?

Intro to Web CMS Technology for IT Leaders - 1-1:30 PM ET

We'll discuss important concepts that IT leaders -- architects, development leads, and others -- need to know about WCM technology. Find answers to important questions like: how do  WCM tools exploit (or not) innovations in cloud and mobile? What internal capabilities do you require to be successful? How can you differentiate vendors based on critical factors like architecture and performance?

Please note: if you want to attend both webinars, you must register for each individually. Look forward to e-seeing you!

Our customers say...

"RSG covers the nitty gritty, behind-the-scenes, real-life "gotchas" that are important to help distinguish the various products. Your "requirements builders" are awesome - they give us some very clear ideas about how to start talking with our stakeholders. This is all wonderful stuff."

Leona Coffee, Director, Central Web Office National Academy of Sciences

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