The Digital Workplace Trends 2014 survey is now open

  • 18-Sep-2013

If you are reading this, you have a digital workplace. However, I guarantee you that my digital workplace is different than your digital workplace and that yours is different from the next reader. In fact, everyone's digital workplace is a different combination of technologies, tools, governance (or lack!), and culture.

Your digital workplace may include Enterprise Portals, Web Content Management for internal publishing, Social Collaboration tools, Document Management tools, and a whole slew of other specialized line of business and productivity applications. If you are a marketer focused on reaching external prospects, your digital workplace may include Digital Marketing Technology, Web Content Management for external publishing, Customer Portals, Digital Asset Management technology, or Media Asset Management technology. And don't forget that for each of these toolsets there is likely a mobile option.

With so many options at your disposal it is critical to make certain that you have the right tools comprising your unique digital workplace.

While every digital workplace is unique, there are certainly trends you'll want to track.  Fortunately, for the last 8 years, Jane McConnell has conducted a fantastic global survey looking at this topic.

We've just received word that The Digital Workplace Trends 2014 survey is now open and will close mid-October.

Organizations are invited to participate in the survey and each participating organization will receive:

  • A free copy of the "Digital Workplace Trends 2014" report on 31 January 2014 (this report sells at US $530 for non participants)
  • A customized Digital Workplace Scorecard

The survey takes from 45 to 60 minutes to complete. People can exit the online survey platform at any time, and return later to where they left off.

Sign up here:

Themes covered this year:

  • What makes up the digital workplace
  • Impact on the physical workplace
  • Social collaboration
  • Enterprise social networking
  • Video and e-learning
  • Information discovery
  • Mobile
  • Business impact of the digital workplace on the organization
  • Leadership involvement
  • Strategy, governance and decision-making
  • Change and challenges
  • Preparation for the future workplace

Please consider participating in this important exercise.

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