Equilibrium MediaRich: Shoring up DAM capabilities in SharePoint

  • 26-Aug-2013

Today we release an update to our Brand & Digital Asset Management Evaluation Research, which includes a sigificant expansion of our coverage of Equilibrium's MediaRich for SharePoint product. This 13-page detailed evaluation takes an in-depth look at the product's capabilities, its technical architecture and of course, its suitability for different types of DAM use cases in the enterprise. 

As readers of our SharePoint Ecosystem research will know, SharePoint only has middling DAM capabilities. Though SharePoint is intended more as a document management and collaboration infrastructure, that doesn't stop hundreds of organizations from attempting to stretch it beyond those use cases. If you're considering using SharePoint for your DAM needs, you'll realize that it comes up short fairly quickly. 

MediaRich ECM for SharePoint attempts to fill this gap - it is an add-on to SharePoint that provides many handy features that are useful in some DAM scenarios. 

Considering SharePoint as a base for DAM should raise the larger question of why you'd want to use SharePoint in the first place, and not a best-of-breed DAM product for your Digital Asset Management needs. This should be part of a larger strategy disucssion of where SharePoint fits into your overall IT portfolio.  

The nitty-gritty details of MediaRich's weaknesses and strengths are available for all Brand & Digital Asset Management and SharePoint research subscribers.

Our customers say...

"I was thrilled at the level of detail and the depth of honesty in The Digital Asset Management Research. Other research tends to want to rate a company for gold stars or magic numbers, but glosses over the real workings and customer experiences of the given vendor. This research is more valuable, and certainly more tangible than what other analysts have put forth."

Faith Robinson, Content Strategist & Industry Thought Leader

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