A Look Ahead: the rest of 2013

  • 17-Aug-2013

My colleague Tony recently wrote about the state of the market, our research, and consulting activities during the first half of 2013.

The next two quarters will be no less interesting.

Goin' Mobile

We're excited about the upcoming release of our Enterprise Mobile Technology research stream, which will examine the weaknesses and strengths of 20+ enterprise- and consumer-oriented mobile technology platforms. In particular, we'll be taking our usual hard-hitting, detailed, under-the-microscope approach to the technologies that allege to:

  1. Mobilize enterprise systems
  2. Enable mobile collaboration
  3. Make your web sites mobile-ready
  4. Create mobilized e-commerce
  5. Offer marketing apps such as contests, campaigns, games, etc.

Some of the vendors we're evaluating include Antenna Software, IBM, Kony, Netbuscuits, PhoneGap, and SAP.  In addition this new Mobile stream, we'll be releasing updates and new vendor evaluations for our existing streams, with major updates to our Digital Marketing, Brand & Digital Asset Management, and Web Content & Experience Management streams before the end of Q3.

The Personal Touch

If you've not yet met any of our analysts, do plan join us at an upcoming event. Our team will be teaching & speaking in several major cities around the world over the next 4 months, including New York, Mumbai, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington DC, among others. We'd love to have you be a part of our sessions, shake your hand and discuss your challenges.

We're currently engaged on a consulting basis with major financial firms, media companies, advertising agencies, health care organizations, consumer product companies, and universities to help them make better technology decisions in both the digital marketing and digital workplace domains. If you think you might need help too, please let us know. We also value your feedback on how we can continue to improve and expand our research to be of most benefit to you.

Here's wishing everyone a successful remainder of 2013.

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