SharePoint 2013 as a Social Collaboration Platform

  • 30-Jul-2013

This week we released an update to our Enterprise Collaboration & Social Software report, with updates to Microsoft SharePoint (SP 2013) and Acquia Drupal Commons (3.2).

There's a lot to say about collaboration and social services in the new version of SharePoint, but perhaps the most important fact is that Microsoft bought Yammer practically on the eve of the SP 2013 release. Now we better understand why.

Of course, SharePoint remains a behemoth platform, so it should come as no surprise that at 26 pages, SP 2013 weighs in as the longest review in our Social Collaboration report. In addition to the Yammer buy, Redmond is heavily pushing Office 365 in general and SharePoint Online in particular. We continue to believe that the cloud version of SharePoint remains best suited for small- to mid-sized businesses.

With the Drupal Commons distribution now firmly climbing the 3.x branch, many Drupal 7 enhancements are finding their way into the platform. Many, but not all: the user interface remains stubbornly unilingual, for example. Commons is a great idea that comes up a bit short on execution.

If you are an RSG subscriber, you can access these two new chapters or the full report immediately.

If you're not a subscriber and want to get a peek at an excerpt from the full report, you can download a sample here.

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