Updated WCXM Evaluation of HP's Autonomy TeamSite CMS

  • 17-Apr-2013

We’ve updated our evaluation of HP's Autonomy TeamSite CMS as part of the Web Content and Experience Management (WCXM) evaluation research.

Teamed up with other “legacy platforms" vendors (i.e., OpenText and IBM) in our WCM research, Autonomy TeamSite mainly appears in umm…. legacy systems conversations.

Despite what you might hear in glowing analyst reports, product development for Autonomy TeamSite under HP’s ownership has not been very swift or expansive. Some of the “What’s New” highlights we analyze in the updated evaluation include:

  • Web-based Workflow Modeler as an alternative to the circa 2001 desktop modeler
  • New casual user interface as a simpler interface for content contributors

As we’ve written before on a number of occasions, post-acquisition HP/Autonomy woes continue -- making the future of the whole former Interwoven portfolio rather unclear, so customers and prospects should remain wary.

Perhaps it's not surprising then that Autonomy TeamSite doesn’t often appear on product selection shortlists anymore.  However, TeamSite does still remain on the "systems-to-support" list for agencies and systems integrators, who are helping existing TeamSite customers keep their implementations alive.

To get full details on the latest developments in HP's Autonomy TeamSite, head over here and download the full chapter.

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For those of you not familiar with our evaluations, go ahead and download a complimentary sample here.

Our customers say...

"The Web CMS Research allows me to save time and obtain a far better understanding of the market."

Leon Rudd, Head of eInitiatives, Siemens-UK

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