Reality Check: Collaboration and Social vendors in 2013

  • 8-Mar-2013

Every year, we come up with a spot-check of the E2.0 marketplace and I'm happy to share this chart from our 2013 edition.

RSG Reality Check 2013 - Collaboration and Social Vendors
Fig 1. 2013 Reality Check - Enterprise Collaboration & Social Software vendors

The complete advisory briefing analyzes two trends: the proliferation of vendors, and the maturation of the marketplace as a whole.

Vendors, briefly...

In this advisory, we also have quick takes on each of the 24 vendors you see on the chart – which could be handy for you as you navigate the landscape as part of your selection or ongoing implementation decisions.

Current subscribers can download this right away and others can purchase it a' la carte ($895).

Our customers say...

"The Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software report ends with hundreds of pages of assessments where all the solutions that matter are deeply analysed, where their strengths and weaknesses are explained as well as the vendors’ strategies. I highly recommend you to buy it..."

Bertrand Duperrin, Digital Transformation Practice Leader Emakina.FR

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