Canto, Razuna, Woodwing/Elvis, VYRE and EMC updates

  • 4-Jan-2013

Yesterday we released version 5.2 of our Brand & Digital Asset Management evaluation research, with updates on vendors & tools across the market spectrum.

  • VYRE, longtime a prominent player in the UK DAM market, has increasingly productized their platform, gearing it more towards brand management and marketing resource management - which was no doubt one of several reasons that compelled North Plains to acquire the company. We take a critical look at their new video and workflow features, as well as configuration options, recently debuted in their flagship product, On Brand.
  • Canto, 20+ years in the making, continues to make its way up-market by piling on features to facilitate integration with 3rd-party platforms, SharePoint and WCXM systems in particular. We also take a look at the company's acquisition of a Germany-based services firm.
  • Mega-vendor EMC has never cared much about DAM. But customers already working with Documentum often ask us about the capabilities of EMC's DAM add-ons. We update our research with the latest take.
  • Open source DAM platform Razuna has made updates in the areas of asset rendering and UI customization capabilities. We explain what that might mean for you.
  • Recently acquired by Woodwing, Elvis DAM made some additions to its featureset that we see as long overdue: versioning, for one. We also analyze in-depth how this acquisition will affect both companies.

I'm sure the DAM market will remain dynamic and fast-moving in 2013. You can subscribe to our research for all our in-depth analysis on an ongoing basis.

Our customers say...

"Thank you for bringing something like the Digital Asset Management Research to the market. It's worth every penny."

Andy Niemann, Photo/Computer Arts, Royal BC Museum, Victoria

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