WCXM Pitfall 10: Looking solely at the product and not enough at the vendor

  • 10-Apr-2014

Twelve Common Pitfalls to Avoid (and Best Practices to Follow) When Embarking on a Web Content and Experience Management Project

Pitfall 10: Looking solely at the product and not enough at the vendor

Best Practice:

Perform as much due diligence on the vendor company as you do their product.

When you purchase software, at some level you are "marrying" your Web CMS software vendor. Companies, like people, have personalities, and software companies often have strong personalities. Understand how your prospective vendor generally behaves, because you are going to be living with them for at least several years. How do they treat their user group(s)? How can smaller customers get attention? How many mergers have they experienced in the past three years (a predictor of internal disarray)?

Moreover, you may be working very closely with their professional services and support staff. Do they mesh well with your team? That chemistry alone could well have a greater impact on the success of your project than the suitability of the product.

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Pitfalls 11-12: Coming soon...

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"RSG's Web Content & Experience Management vendor evaluations deliver unmatched detail and candor about WCM technologies. It's an essential companion for anyone looking to invest in these tools."

Erik Hartman, Founder, Hartman Communicatie

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