WCXM Pitfall 6: Spending insufficient effort describing and organizing content, and underestimating migration times

  • 6-Apr-2014

Twelve Common Pitfalls to Avoid (and Best Practices to Follow) When Embarking on a Web Content and Experience Management Project

Pitfall 6: Spending insufficient effort describing and organizing content, and underestimating migration times

Best Practice:

Invest in mapping the structure of your content, "chunking" it, building workable taxonomies, and creating user-centric information architectures. Then clean your data.

Inadequate work up front in information design and mapping inevitably means leaving key architectural decisions to engineers or graphic designers. How will your news articles be linked to your product line? Technicians and designers have important things to say on that subject, but ultimately, it is a business-information decision.

Also, don't overlook migration. If you already have a website, you already have web content, and migration of some kind will be in order before re-launching with a new CMS. Most engineers quite properly view migrations of this sort like an extended trip to the dentist. Some CMS packages have migration wizards to import your existing HTML. Others employ scripts to do the same thing. Other, more complex migrations will require third-party tools.

Pitfall 1: Selecting a Web CMS package before developing solid requirements and a business case. Read the details of Pitfall 1 here.

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Pitfalls 7-12: Coming soon...

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